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Unik och annorlunda!
Rättvist tillverkad* handbroderad avlång väska. Axelband och korta handtag. Invändig liten ficka.
OBS **Färg på brodyren varierar**
Storlek: Ca 52cm lång 30 cm bred

Tillverkad i kvinnokollektiv för utsatta kvinnor i Nepal.

*Läs här mer om tillverkningen, från tillverkaren:

Since 2005 we have been making a difference to stigmatised and disadvantaged young women in Nepal through Fair Trade employment in the production of beautifully made hand bags.

Fair Trade does make a difference. At our production centre in Kathmandu, young women who had been trafficked as children and subsequently rescued by The Esther Benjamins Trust are employed under fair trade conditions. After a time of rehabilitation with the charity and as soon as there is a permanent vacancy, the older girls (min age 17) are offered the opportunity to work at the production centre. They are provided with safe, secure accommodation with a house mother to care for them and trained at the production centre. They are paid a good monthly wage, holiday, sickness, hospital fees and maternity pay and helped to adjust to life. This is a successful demonstration of Aid and Fair Trade working together to help change the lives of young women for the better, permanently.

Fair Trade empowers disadvantaged young women to make choices. When these young women are initially returned from a horrific life of abuse, they find themselves outcast from their communities, branded ‘unclean' and unwanted with no future to look forward to; they are at very high risk of being re-trafficked. However, through Fair Trade employment they often find themselves the highest income earner in a family and able to provide a valuable contribution, resulting in many of the girls being invited to live with relatives locally. The difference is that the girls are empowered to make a choice, they are no longer desperate for acceptance, they are valued and feel valued.


Drift & produktion: Wikinggruppen

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